Now he’s just somebody that I used to know… Whether it was addiction or an anxious attachment style that kept me in contact with my former spouse, the road to letting go was not going to be easy. There were reasons to be in touch after the divorce hearing, after all. For example, our CPA thought it best we file our taxes jointly since technically…… Continue reading Now he’s just somebody that I used to know…

Plant Medicines

Huachuma by Day, Vilca by Night

I dedicated a series of posts to my work with Shamans and Ayahuasca, but there were other influential plant medicines utilized during my stay in the jungle: Huachuma or San Pedro, and Vilca. There was also a light and entertaining Bobinzana ceremony that was filled with laughter and song. In the Peruvian Amazon an alcohol tincture of bobinzana stems…… Continue reading Huachuma by Day, Vilca by Night


I Share My Work with Shamans and Ayahuasca on the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast

A very special Thank You to Alex of the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast for inviting me to share a little bit about myself and my journey to wellness with Mother Ayahuasca. Listen here: Episode 90: Jasmine’s Vision. More information about Alex and his podcast: This podcast will bring together people that could be considered naturally born…… Continue reading I Share My Work with Shamans and Ayahuasca on the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast

Plant Medicines

Self-Discoveries Post Ayahuasca and Psilocybin

I’ll be sharing a little bit about my work with Peruvian plant medicines Huachuma and Vilca in a future post, as well as solo experimentation with heroic doses of psilocybin mushrooms. In the meantime I thought I’d write a quick update that includes some self-discovery since my time in the jungle. Without going into details…… Continue reading Self-Discoveries Post Ayahuasca and Psilocybin

Plant Medicines

Ayahuasca–Rain Passage: An Inner Journey Soundscape

Originally posted on DavidCrews: A Soundscape by David P. Crews 1. Arcana 2. Entering (8:15) 3. Rain and Visions (19:30) 4. Emerging (54:40) 5. Awakening (1:03:40) [Total run time:  1:17:00] Ayahuasca–Rain Passage is a visionary sound experience by award-winning musician David Crews, centered on a recording made on his second venture into the Peruvian Upper…