About Jasmine’s Vision

Jasmine at Pinery Provincial Park, CanadaThe blog title “Jasmine’s Vision” came to me after a life-changing diagnosis of Vertical Heterophoria. A simple eye misalignment had caused years of blurry, double vision, trouble with reading, motion sickness, dizziness and feeling off-balance, and of course eye strain and headaches.

My issues began in elementary school. But when an eye doctor said my vision was fine, and that I was just showing early signs of hereditary migraine, I did my best to work around it.

Then one day my husband starts discussing my issues with someone online and we’re pointed toward Dr. Debby Feinberg and theĀ Vision Specialists of Michigan. Thanks to the incredible Dr Debby and her staff I see the world with new eyes. No more limited reading, bumping into walls or running over curbs.

I’ve posted about two of my visits to Michigan here and here, and my story was featured in the book, “If The Walls Of My Exam Room Could Talk.”


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