I Share My Work with Shamans and Ayahuasca on the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast

A very special Thank You to Alex of the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast for inviting me to share a little bit about myself and my journey to wellness with Mother Ayahuasca.

Listen here: Episode 90: Jasmine’s Vision.

More information about Alex and his podcast:

Alex from Natural Born Alchemist

This podcast will bring together people that could be considered naturally born alchemists. And what is an alchemist? What is alchemy? Well alchemy, in my humble opinion, is a sacred art… the transmutation and the transformation of the self. It is an elevation into a higher realm of being. It is all about transcendence. Intentional evolution. Freedom of the mind.So my guests will be people that are interested in changing the paradigm. People that are willing to enter an altered state of consciousness. People that want to change the world by changing themselves. People that are free in mind. Or just plain weirdos or friends of mine.

There isn’t an agenda. There isn’t any dogma. There is no right and wrong… there is only direct experience. So join me and listen to activists, alchemists, artists, musicians, philosophers, poets, scientists, scholars and shamans of various sorts.

I will also be playing music… some of my own, but also from other people that are willing to share their songs for free here on the podcast.

Do you make your own music? Or maybe you want to be a guest? Write me!

Freedom is in the mind!


What say you?

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