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Ayahuasca Visionary Description and Reintegration is Harder Than Facing Your Shadow

I am in disbelief how you so eloquently nailed my experiences with Ayahuasca in Peru. I’ve been putting off writing about my last ceremonies because I didn’t have the words. Thank you!

Keating Bodyworks

You cringe at knowing you’re going to taste the medicine.  The stomach rumbles, the psyche starts to sweat, and the mouth begins to water as you lie in wait.  It begs the question of if something can be a medicine if it tastes good?  What kind of medicine would that be?  One gets used to everything but I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever get used to the taste of Ayahuasca.  You do learn to appreciate, however.  To appreciate the taste of the attempt at improving yourself.  To appreciate the taste of internal dives.  To appreciate the taste of eventual purging.  To appreciate the effort involved in taking on such medicine work.  I can still hate it, but I am allowed to hate all of these things, despite continuing to walk forward to accept them.  A joker like laugh escapes from me at the thought of the insanity it takes…

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