Review of Near Infrared Light Therapy for Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Fat Loss: SaunaSpace

I recently purchased a near infrared light sauna from SaunaSpace and cannot wait until she arrives. I’ll state that I have no affiliation with this company. In fact, they weren’t my first choice in saunas. Representatives from a company called Sunlighten brought a few of their models to Paleo f(x) in Austin, TX last year, and after sitting in one of their luxury saunas for 30-minutes I was hooked. I could feel the gentle heat penetrating layers of skin as ambient sounds and mental thoughts melted away. All I wanted to do in that moment was sit cross-legged, close my eyes and meditate, and so I did…for 20 minutes straight.

Up until that point I only had experience with steam rooms, none of which were relaxing. The moist air always made it uncomfortable to breathe, especially if it was laced with essential oil like eucalyptus. And gymnasium steam rooms can be filled with distractions like the opening and closing of doors, chatty cell phone users, disagreements regarding room temperature, etc. I’m so looking forward to the privacy of a personal sauna!

I’ve been curious about the healing benefits of far and near infrared light (NIL) therapy since joining the Ancestral community in 2013. If you’re familiar with my blog and personal journey I’ve been researching, and experimenting with drug-free treatments of chronic pain, fatigue, as well as other health issues, for decades. Early this year I suffered from debilitating, low back pain that led to a major funk. I was bed bound and feeding my depression with a poor diet. I thankfully found pain relief from medicinal cannabis, but the blends that worked best for pain also added to my late-night food cravings and weight gain. If this treatment can help with fat loss while shedding toxins from my body all the better.

I don’t own a scale, but I can tell you that the jeans I used to fold over to keep from sliding down are now pinching into my gut. Instead of stressing measurements I’ll simply use my clothes to gauge any loss of body fat. I’m not pushing for an ideal weight, I just want to be healthier.

SaunaSpace thankfully offers a 100-day risk free trial, so I will use utilize that time to record any health benefits, whether that includes increased energy, relaxation, mood, detoxification, or leads to healthier skin, eyes or fat or cellulite loss. No matter what I will discuss it here.

Have you seen improvements in your health or pain levels due to sauna therapy? Please comment below.

What say you?

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