When You Dream of Places You’ve Never Been

What does it mean when you’re introduced to locations via your dreams (places I didn’t know existed)?

Months ago I had a dream I was in a classroom, and the teacher or another student handed me a CD with the words “Bimini Mon” (or Mom), so I looked it up to find Bimini is a small island in The Bahamas and possibly related to the lost civilization of Atlantis.

Right before rising this morning I dreamed I was handed a book entitled “Tulian in the Valley.” Researching online I found Tulian Lake, located in Pahalgam, India.

This all fascinates me, but I’m unsure if it means I’m supposed to travel there? Has anyone else dreamed of locations and felt a calling to go?

I’m going to change my diet temporarily because 1) the Tantra training I’m attending next month may only offer a vegan diet and I don’t want it to be a shock to my system, and 2) when I don’t eat meat I’m prone to more vivid visions, dreams, and lucid dreams, as well as more clairaudient in my waking state. I’m hoping more answers will come as I increase my vibrations.

What say you?

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