Can A Karmic Relationship Work?

I feel like I need to read this post often, so I’m reblogging it as a thank you and as a reminder <3

"Ending a karmic relationship means that you connect to the beautiful and unique YOU; as in coming into alignment with our higher-self or god-self, and in a profound way that wants you to be the master of your own direction. Only you can truly see you, and only you can truly know what you need. When we put the responsibility on someone to provide for us, we have created a situation that will fail, and drama is the result. Acting from personal power is living in empowerment of knowing the direction of your life is YOURS!!! Be in love with someone because they are fun to be with, and not because they complete you. ONLY you can complete you. For anyone else to do that, it’s just a guessing game. So in this, karma shows us what is illusion and what is truth, the illusion is made to be a difficult path to follow, and the truth is made to be easy. So pay close attention to those things that come easily into alignment."

Earth Connections

020Karma is in E-V-E-R-Y interaction, karma can be described as emotional history with other people, or ourselves. Karma can be seen as all those disruptive, angry and painful, need to be “right” places in our lives. Or karma can be that uncontrollable urge to put (her) so far up on that pedestal, that if she falls off she will never hit the ground. Meanwhile you’re in the mud, and you don’t care as long as she is up there. This is karma; the balance is seeing eye to eye. The balance is equally giving to yourself as much as you give to her, and through the practice of boundaries we begin to step into the ego-less relationship.
Karma is all those expressions that show us just how separated we are from God; karma is separation from God (or whatever your language is).

Karma is created when we become separate…

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