You Aren’t Fighting 100% – Until You Let Go

I call this the flow state, and love how you describe it. Hope to get back there again and again :)

Bunch of Manly Stuff

Athletically speaking, there’s a place called “The Zone” – It’s that place that people go where they can’t be beaten.  You’ve been there before, albeit very rarely.  That time in school where you “couldn’t be stopped” or you “didn’t know what happened”…or as they say now, you “went all beast-mode”.

The Zone is a place in your being where your mind, body and soul and in perfect harmony and everything is physically easy…you can tell the future in milliseconds but you don’t realize it.  The second you do realize it, you’re out of it and back to normal.  One accurate way to describe the zone comes from the book Mind Games:

It’s a very strange feeling.  It’s as if time slows down and you see everything so clearly.  You just know that everything about your technique is spot-on.  It just feels so effortless; it’s almost as if you’re floating across the track. …

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