Some Primal Play at Dog Park

IMG_0288While the hubby’s away, I decided to take our pooch to Dog Park. Not only does Harley get some exercise in (I usually walk with her around the neighborhood, but noisy cars and barking dogs spook her), she also has the chance to socialize with other dogs – both are mandatory when living with an energetic, athletic breed like the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The first two photos were taken a few years ago at our favorite dog park in San Diego, CA. Harley got to watching another dog chase down a rubber disk over and over, so we decided to get her a softer flyer and she fell in love.

As you can see below, Harley would rather stalk squirrels than mingle with her own kind. But she does play along and sniff the occasional ass. It’s proper etiquette after all.IMG_1297

Our local park in Bradenton, FL (shown above) has some of my favorite climbing trees in town, including a few within dog park, so I’m able to get some primal play in as well.

I feel stronger when climbing trees – ducking under and maneuvering around limbs and branches – versus hanging from a standard pull up bar. The different textures of bark, as well as varying girth and angles of limbs makes for a perfect mind/body challenge.

So, go climb a tree already. And let me know how it makes you feel.

What say you?

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