If Functional Medicine Fails, I Have a Backup Plan

Since deciding to put complete trust in my Functional Medicine doctor, the weight of worry has been lifted. I am somewhat concerned about needing to mess with hormones at the gate, but I also realize that in my case it’s too late for preventative measures.

At 41 years of age, we just may have entered the patch-up-what-you-can phase. Yes, I’m young. I have that on my side. But the fantasy that I can make disappear complex issues that took decades to build has to fizzle away. The new goal I need to focus on is doing what’s necessary to rock the rest of my time in this body, even if that unfortunately means relying on bio-identical hormones or natural drugs. I just hope my body understands that I did everything in my power to make up for past medical ignorance and abuse. One other goal is to never need to seek out another doctor or specialist again.

I joke with my family that if all else fails, I’m visiting a shaman in Peru for a spiritual journey with Ayahuasca. When modern medicine fails, I can’t blame anyone for seeking relief/release through ancestral practices. Perhaps I’ll come up with a time frame – like if there’s no improvement in my migraine attacks or chronic headaches by age 43. By then we’ll know it’s a much deeper issue, one no modern approach can ever heal.

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