Exploring New Frontiers and Getting Lost on Purpose

It’s time for me to stop everything, prioritize and begin anew. We’re approaching the second half of 2015 after all. Therefore, it only seems appropriate. So here it goes:

No more labeling how I eat or being afraid to temporarily deviate from any particular diet.

No more measuring my body through scales, tape, calipers, or ketone/glucose meters. My quest for pain relief has not-a-thing to do with weights and measures.

I’m done “connecting” online and more determined than ever to explore and connect with nature – to purposefully get lost.

I have a fantastic new Functional Medicine doctor. But just days after my initial visit, her office called to prescribe something – a huge red flag in my past experience. I thought the whole point of functional medicine was to get to the root cause(s) of my ailments – not break out the script pad so fast! Or…is it possible a cause – perhaps even THE cause – has been found (underactive thyroid), and I’m just frazzled how fast things are moving (even before all other labs are back for review)?

I found myself faxing my doctor questions, as well as a four-page article explaining why underactive thyroid is common in those following such-and-such diet, and that it isn’t harmful but beneficial since it promotes longevity, blah, blah, blah. I hope she’s not annoyed and understands I just want to know more before committing to something I may have to take for the rest of my life. Moving on…

For the past two months I’ve been as close to zero carb as possible in the hopes it would reduce chronic headaches, migraine attacks, kill off any Lyme spirochetes or co-infections, and rid me of my keto rash. Unfortunately, I’m still having daily headaches, while my migraines are only intensifying. The rash waxes and wanes, depending on ketosis and physical activity levels, but won’t fully disappear. My new doc was concerned, as she says she is when anyone tells her they’re following a diet in which major food groups are eliminated, feeling a balanced approach is best.

I think my case is too complex to fix through Zero Carb, LCHF or strict Paleo, so I’ve decided to end my six month Zero Carb experiment early. I’m reintroducing carbohydrates, which I know will at least eliminate the rash (I’d still like to find out why I have it and why it only appears when I’m in ketosis), and hopefully minimize the intensity of migraine attacks.

Some goals I’m knocking around in my head for the second half of 2015:

  • Being more open minded with my Functional Medicine doctor
  • Being trained in CPR
  • Try Myofascial Release
  • Detoxing with infrared sauna and/or try flotation
  • Finding a Holistic Dentist
  • Neurofeedback, this time including QEEG Brain Mapping
  • Visit my Optometrist in Michigan, and maybe splurge on prescription sunglasses
  • Spend less time online and more time in nature (ugh, maybe when it’s cooler)
  • Find a local natural movement activity like Capoeira, Parkour, Aikido or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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