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Paleo f(x) 2015 in Austin, TX

paleofxI recently traveled to Austin, Texas to attend my first Paleo f(x), and oh, the incredible time I had. The founders and owners Michelle and Keith Norris, along with volunteers, vendors, sponsors and speakers, obviously put a lot of effort into creating this three day event. I was thoroughly impressed with how smoothly everything ran – stress-free, and nothing but smiles all around.

As for my stress levels, I was somewhat nervous since I had no idea what to expect. And I was extremely excited at the possibility of meeting my favorite paleo / primal celebrities and twitter pals. I used the Paleo f(x) Room Share group on Facebook, hoping to find someone to help with hotel costs, and was beyond pleased with my Austin roommate and new Paleo Sister and friend, Catalina, creator of Paleo en Forma. I totally envision Catalina not only bringing Paleo to the Spanish community, but presenting her own talk at a future Paleo f(x) event, en español of course.

The following is a list of events and workshops I attended (there was so much more I wish I could have seen!), along with where you can find each speaker online.

April 24th

MovNat / Natural MovementVic Verdier

The Metabolic Theory of Cancer: The Evidence, Consequences and TreatmentsTravis Christofferson

Hacking Stress (Under Pressure)Dr Kirk Parsley, Dan Pardi, Nora Gedgaudas, Reed Davis, Andrew Bernstein, Dr Sarah Ballantyne

Manipulating Carbohydrates for Health and PerformanceDr Richard Maurer, Menno Henselmans, Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey

Tweaking the Recipe to Build an Awesome LifeMark Sisson

Shifting Your Gut Microbiota and 100 Trillion Friends for Leanness and Fat LossDr Grace Liu

April 25th

Primal PlayDarryl Edwards

Intermittent 80-20 Autoimmune Cyclic Keto Carb Back FastingJason Moore

Robb Wolf & Doc Parsley’s Community Chat

Evolve Move Play: Introduction to Movement FlowRafe Kelley

It’s Not Your Fault: On Novelty Evolutionary BiologyRobb Wolf

Shamanism: Ayahuasca ChroniclesWhitney Miller, Brian Mackenzie, Doug Larson, Nora Gedgaudas, Mike Bledsoe, Aubrey Marcus

Paleo f(x) Awards Show

April 26th

Prehistoric Politics: Put Out the Fire in the Belly!Dr Christopher Ryan

Sexual Fitness and Primal MatingDr Geoffrey Miller

Animal Walks – Darryl Edwards

An Eye-Opening New Take on Stress – Andrew Bernstein

Methylation and Mental Health: What a MTHFR!Kaila Prins

Catalina & Jasmine @ Paleo f(x)

I didn’t sign up for any gatherings outside of the talks and workshops so I could spend time with friends. Unfortunately, Jennifer was too ill with the flu to make the drive to Austin. But thankfully Jocelyn got to meet me for dinner a couple nights, as well as meet Catalina, and hang in our hotel room.

Because I’m focusing more on being out in nature and natural movement, I couldn’t say No to many of the fascinating workshops Paleo f(x) had to offer. The MovNat workshop touched on the basics like diaphragmatic breathing and proper posture to transitioning from deep squats to a kneeling position. Darryl Edward’s Primal Play and Animal Walks workshops were an absolute blast, and taught me that the most basic of movements, especially ones that entail balancing, can have you sweating hard and waking up with sore muscles you didn’t even know existed. I also loved how much fun Darryl incorporates into his fitness – splitting us up in twos to push and pull with all our might. Think you know how to Bear Crawl? Try it in slow motion (correctly), and it’s a whole new workout. Finally, Rafe Kelley’s Evolve Move Play workshop began with a sequence of dance moves that had the class dazed and confused, but determined to play along. Next we took to the trees to learn barefoot climbing techniques, which I can’t wait to practice at my local park.

Choosing a hotel so close to the event center, and not renting a car, gave me the perfectCataSissonJaz excuse to walk, walk, walk. All of the movement workshops and walking helped me fall asleep fairly quickly each night. Due to high heat and humidity, I did experience a bad exertion headache on the second day, but thankfully I was able to sleep it off.

Even though I was surrounded by many paleo-approved temptations like cookies, chocolate, granola and coffee, I kept to zero carbs. Catalina and I enjoyed beef brisket and pork ribs at Terry Black’s BBQ, as well as the fast and healthy breakfast buffet at Whole Foods Austin (since our hotel’s egg breakfast came from a bag instead of a shell). But no complaints, just valuable lessons learned. And nothing could spoil the great time I had – not even pain!

I would love to say with confidence that I’ll be at next year’s Paleo f(x). Time and finances will tell. By the way, here’s a photo of what Paleo/Primal living did for me in six months time (buh-bye inflammation!)…


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