Zero Carb Update: Day 30

My first full month of Zero Carb is behind me. I consumed only pastured meat and water, and I’m still alive to write about it. No breaks in chronic headaches or hormonal migraine attacks yet, but there might be a slight improvement in severity of pain.

As you can see below, my keto rash Prurigo Pigmentosa is lingering, but thankfully no more itching! I wonder if getting out of ketosis while Zero Carb will do the trick, but how? It is still possible I have fat to burn and thus toxins to expel so I’ll stay the course in hopes that it will disappear for good by my second month of Zero Carb.

Rash Day 30Rash Day 30Rash Day 30

I discovered a few genetic mutations through 23andMe, one being MTHFR C677T, which has been linked to migraine. The Methyl-Guard I ordered (after reading this article) arrived, so I’m starting slowly and will up titrate each week, if tolerated.

Another piece to the migraine and chronic headache puzzle: I was finally diagnosed with Lyme. My doc is ordering more labs to rule out co-Infections.

It’s funny that going to a Neurofeedback therapist for migraine led me to a Live Blood Analysis, where I observed these strange strings in my blood (spirochetes?), re-peeking my curiosity about Lyme Disease, and if I’ve had it all these years. What a journey, huh?

For more on methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), check out Dr Ben Lynch’s excellent website

4 thoughts on “Zero Carb Update: Day 30

  1. I am glad you are seeing some mild benefits. Just remember that it took Charlene Andersen about 6 months on just meat and water before she no longer had bad days. I am looking forward to being able to get the genetic testing done too. I hope the supplement for supporting methylation helps.


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