Keto Rash Update: Day 17

I’ve been Zero Carb for 18 days, and loving how I feel and look – better mood, mental clarity, no cravings or late-night snacking, sleeping better and down 20 pounds. The best part is that even though my chronic headaches and hormonal migraine attacks continue, the pain hasn’t been debilitating enough to need medication!

I have more fat to burn, which releases stored toxins. So besides a few blemishes on my cheek, I continue to experience my keto rashPrurigo Pigmentosa. It’s not as dense as it was during my low carb, high fat (LCHF) days. It seems to lighten up fairly quickly, spreads a tiny bit, then that part lightens, etc. The hope is when there’s no more fat to burn, the rash will disappear for good!

April 3rd, 2105, the 17th day of Zero Carb:

Rash Day 19Rash Day 19Rash Day 19

Latest profile shot since shedding 20 pounds – Zero Carb Day 17


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