Zero Carb Update: Day 14

Besides a much improved Live Blood Analysis, I’m happy to report that since starting Zero Carb 14 days ago I haven’t used one migraine abortive. During my transition from Low Carb Paleo to Zero Carb, I had a few of my typical, debilitating, hormonal migraine attacks, which required a few days of medicating.

I’ve stopped taking supplements all together, and I’m hoping to never again need pain meds. Although I was hit with a hormonal migraine yesterday, since it wasn’t as intense as usual, I was able to skip meds. And instead relaxed in my cool, dark room, and listened to some of my favorite podcasts: The Tim Ferriss Show and Tangentially Speaking.

It will be somewhat challenging to remain Zero Carb while traveling to Austin in April for Paleo f(x). I doubt I’ll be tempted by all the paleo-approved sweets or Bulletproof coffee. I’m more concerned with finding meat-only options sans barbecue sauce – it is Texas, after all. If necessary I can utilize Intermittent Fasting during plane travel and in case three full days of Paleo talks keep me busy.

I used to think going Paleo was liberating. Turns out Zero Carb is even more freeing. And all the money we used to spend on organic fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, raw, organic nuts, coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut manna, olive oil, butter, organic coffee, organic dark chocolate, Paleo cookbooks, etc., can be put toward pastured, grass-fed meats like rib-eye, lamb rib chops, pork chops, uncured bacon, ground meats. I consume two satisfying portions of meat per day and drink enough water. There’s no need to snack because I’m so satiated – late night was not only my favorite time to snack, it’s the worst time.

I no longer have to stress over getting enough fat in my diet, like I had to when I was following a Ketogenic diet. I don’t have to worry about which fruits and vegetables were going to take me out of ketosis. Zero Carb isn’t about ketosis, or measuring ketones (those of us who measure know how expensive those strips can be!), or stressing about blood glucose levels (I came close to fainting a few times while LCHF, which was a first for me). And no recipe-following required!

I am experiencing a rash called Prurigo Pigmentosa that comes when I’m in ketosis, but I’ve been dealing with it on and off for five years. The good news is there are a few in the Zero Carb community who had the same rash, but once they took carbohydrate intake down to as close to zero as possible, their rash disappeared for good.

Exercise isn’t advised the first 30 days of Zero Carb because the body and mind need to rest during the detox phase. But since The Paleo Way training program isn’t strenuous, I’ve been exercising five to six days per week. Once finished with that 10-wk program, I’ll concentrate more on natural movements, like those taught by Ido Portal and Erwan Le Corre.

I once promised to give Paleo at least six months before deciding whether it’s for me or not. I loved the changes so much that I decided to remain Paleo for the past two years. I vow to do the same with Zero Carb.

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