Live Blood Analysis Update

I was nervous and excited about my second Live Blood Analysis because I wasn’t sure what today’s findings would be. Would fasting this time around make enough of a difference? Would those strings or strands (possible spirochetes from Lyme or other tick-borne infection) be present like they were five weeks ago? Could going Zero Carb be paying off?

I decided recently to transition from lower carbohydrate Paleo to Zero Carb after reading an interview about a woman that healed her Lyme by following a Zero Carb diet. Please note: I have not been officially diagnosed with Lyme, and only recently had blood work sent off to Igenex to find out. This article was just so interesting, and since I had followed a Ketogenic Diet in the past, I was ready to take on a new experiment while awaiting my results.

To give 100% only meat and water and honest go, I’ve also decided to nix my organic decaf with unsalted butter and green tea, all plants and plant-derived products.

Below you can compare my Live Blood Analysis from 2/22/15 (top) and 3/29/15. Can you see a difference? Do you think it was from fasting alone, or thanks to digestive enzymes, Vitamin C and liver cleansing supplements, or could it have been from going Zero Carb? I may test again in May because there are still some bacteria and toxins, possibly heavy metals, and Candida in my blood.

6 thoughts on “Live Blood Analysis Update

      1. Is that not a strand at 1:52 in the second clip? This is so interesting, I never heard of it before. Did you watch this live and then get a copy or did they just send you the clips afterwords? Do you feel any better?


  1. Hi Nik, I’m not seeing the strand, but I do see a large round object at the 1:52 mark – either heavy metals or some other toxin – can’t remember. I didn’t mean to imply spirochetes are completely gone – I was more in shock at the huge difference in a few weeks.

    And yes, I’m very new to LBA as well. Most of what I’ve researched about it online says it’s quackery, but for $50 and instant results (no waiting around for lab work), I find it very empowering.

    I’m watching it all live while the LBA practitioner records a CD for me to take home. She goes over my findings and fills out a form showing me examples of what’s healthy about my cells and makes suggestions what supplements or digestive enzymes may help. What’s cool is they’re just suggestions, you’re not forced into purchasing anything. I like that I can take the information and work with my medical doctor, and that I can upload and compare with other LBAs.

    I can’t say I feel better since I’m still detoxing with this new diet. Since I don’t have any carbs converting to sugars, I’m not feeding the bad bugs in my gut and throughout my body.


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