Zero Carb Paleo: Day 9

After getting some interesting feedback regarding keto rash from the facebook community Zeroing in On Health, I’m even more comfortable with my decision to transition to a Zero Carb diet. Others who have experienced the same rash during ketosis said their rashes permanently disappeared some time after dropping all carbohydrates – only consuming meat and water.

So far my rash is behaving differently; it’s already lightening up in some (not all) areas without me having to add back carbs! I can’t recall this ever occurring in the past.

The following photos show how my rash is lightening and going to hyperpigmentation early. Fresh clusters are still popping up, especially due to the heat, and after a workout. (Although the sweat exacerbates the rash, I like the idea of flushing out toxins.)

Day 3 of rash (in ketosis, but not Zero Carb)

Rash (chest, left)

Day 7 of rash (Day 1 Zero Carb)Rash Day 7

Day 11 of rash (Day 5 Zero Carb)
Rash Day 11

It’s obviously too soon to say if zero carb will be a drug-free way to eliminate Prurigo Pigmentosa, since I’m at the beginning of the fat-burning stage. As more fat breaks down, my body will continue to expel toxins that have built up.

It’s been suggested that I consume only meat and water – to remove any variables like my morning cup of organic decaf with 1-Tbsp of unsalted butter. I won’t omit them just yet, since I’ve gone without both in the past and still experienced keto rash. I may change my mind in the coming weeks if improvements stall.

Special thanks to Philip The BJJ Caveman over at He not only dedicates much of his time researching and writing about Prurigo Pigmentosa, he’s determined to share stories like mine in order to help others dealing with keto rash.

5 thoughts on “Zero Carb Paleo: Day 9

  1. Hi Jasmin- I’m going through a terrible keto rash and did search online and landed on your page. Did zero carb really work at the end? Would love to hear your inputs to help me recover fast. Thanks.


    1. Hello Helen, thank you for commenting.

      Due to an increase in the severity of my migraines while on just meat and water I wasn’t able to last the six months I had originally planned. The rash came and went multiple times, but never completely disappeared. It’s possible had I stuck to ZC longer than a couple months that the rash could have disappeared, but we’ll never know.

      What I do know is that my body and mind do not thrive on very low to no carbs, so it’s an experiment I didn’t mind failing :)

      I wish you well on your journey. There are a lot of interesting suggestions in the comments section (like upping water intake or using certain essential oils) on the two sites I mentioned in the last paragraph above.


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