Transitioning to Zero Carb: Day 7

Rash (chest, right)Rash (chest, left)Rash (back)

It’s no surprise lowering carbohydrate intake has brought on a rash in all the typical locations: left and right side of my chest, middle of my back and down below – all that’s missing is the abdominal region.

Is this [Prurigo Pigmentosa] due to ketosis? Is it Candida, or possibly Lyme or other infection? My guess, all off the above. I’ll hopefully get a little closer to an answer when I see a Lyme doctor tomorrow.

Today marked Day 7 of my transition to a Zero Carb (ZC) diet – my first ever attempt. I’m hoping as toxins are released through the breakdown of fats, this rash will eventually let up on its own. Time will tell. In the recent past, I would merely up carb intake in order to make the rash disappear because I refuse to worsen my leaky gut with antibiotics.

Days 1 through 6 consisted of Intermittent Fasting and slowly lowering carbs to avoid keto flu, which thankfully helped. Today I consumed under five grams of carbohydrates. I will continue staying as close to ZC as possible moving forward. And I will keep tabs on the progress of my rash, whether you like it or not!

20 thoughts on “Transitioning to Zero Carb: Day 7

    1. Maybe two bites of eggs all week (hubby’s leftovers). I’ve omitted eggs for two months in the past while strict Paleo, so no dairy, and still got rash when in ketosis.


      1. It will be interesting to see if Lyme is part of what you are dealing with. I get dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) lesions from time to time as I burn body fat. The only explanation for this is that the gluten/gliadin protein that has been stored in my body fat is liberated when body fat is accessed for energy.


    2. Did you have a biopsy done, Esmée? Originally an allergist guessed Tinea, then my Paleo/Keto doc guessed Urticaria, so I decided to see a dermatologist for a biopsy. Their original diagnosis was Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis (CARP), but after I shared the information I found on Prurigo Pigmentosa, my dermatologist was open to looking into it, and sent my labs for a second opinion. Diagnosis: Prurigo Pigmentosa.

      Searching Google Images for Dermatitis Herpetiformis, it looks somewhat similar, except I don’t get those bubbled up blisters.


      1. No, I did not get a biopsy because it was not necessary. I am 100% confident that what I have is DH. I developed it when I was 17 and it lasted 8 years none stop before I found reference to it on a celiac website and self-diagnosed. Within 3 weeks of removing wheat from my diet, it went a way completely. The only time is has ever reappeared is during water-only fasts or now on Keto/Zero Carb. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that the gluten/gliadin proteins are still present in some of my fat tissue and when I burn fat for energy, it gets liberated and brought back into circulation as a result.


  1. Wow. I just recently read about ZC for the first time last week. Thought it was an interesting concept. What made you decide to transition from Paleo (or AIP?) to ZC?


    1. Hello DetoxMama, after being Paleo over a year, in 2014 I decided to give a ketogenic diet a try in order to reduce/eliminate migraines. After four months, no changes in migraine attacks, and the annoyance of the rash, I stopped. But now I’m curious what removing all carbs is like, so I’m transitioning toward that.

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    1. Have you found anything to help the itch, Liamin? I tend to not want to cover the rash – just let it do its thing, but just curious what you do about the itch. Thank you for commenting.


  2. I get this same rash every time I go into ketosis. I notice this rash comes with a vengeance every time I am dehydrated. It’s odd that not everyone that is in keto/ low carb gets it. I have that same rash right now… I’ve gotten it around 5 times in the last few months. I put a topical antibiotic and it helps with the itchiness. I don’t even bother on going to the doctor anymore since I know it is due to a low carb diet. I agree, with a comment above, drinking plenty of water seems to help.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Liz, although I’m sorry you can relate. I’ve definitely upped my water intake when the rash comes on. It also helps that I’m not doing high intensity exercise at the moment (due to injury) since that makes the rash far worse.


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