Happy Two Year Paleo Anniversary!


Although I am thrilled that March 11, 2015 marks my family’s Two Year Paleo Anniversary, I’m a tad bit disappointed in myself. Remember when I said I was going back to Paleo Keto? Well, that was the plan. But when lowering carbs caused my rash to quickly return, I used it as an excuse to up my carbohydrate intake all over again.

As you can see by this photo, a little bit of back fat has returned, as well as inflammation and weight – today I’m at 152 lbs, where I was in the 134-lb range after a few months in ketosis. Here’s my 1.5 Year Paleo photo for comparison of back fat. I must also admit (sorry gentlemen) that I experienced my first yeast infection in years, which further proves my sensitivity to carbs and sugar.

I promise I’m not being vain; the photo is to visually show the changes to keep myself accountable and to prove how just following a Paleo template isn’t always enough. It’s obvious, my body requires lower carb intake to thrive.

I’m extremely motivated to transition to zero carb after reading Esmee’s latest blog post about a woman named Charlene who healed her Lyme with a zero carb lifestyle. What an incredible story!

Because I would love to starve whatever nasties are in my blood also, I’m inspired now more than ever to return to very low carb, and eventually experiment with zero carbohydrates – I don’t want to stress my body too quickly. The rash may return as I deal with die-off, whatever it is (lyme, candida, etc.), so I need to prepare my mind to just deal with it.

Interesting video on the risks and benefits of eating plants by Dr Georgia Ede.

5 thoughts on “Happy Two Year Paleo Anniversary!

  1. Other Zero Carb-ers I have interviewed have found that eliminating ALL plant foods is actually less stressful to their body than including small amounts of plant foods. For example, Michael Frieze will get an asthma attack within two days of eating plant foods and, similarly, Rose Nunez Smith with have a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up shortly after eating even so-called “healthy, whole” plant foods. Their interviews can be read here:


    1. That’s exactly what I’m moving toward because I’ve had suspicions for a long time about how my body reacts to plants, or any carbs for that matter. I’ll be sure to write about my findings. Thanks for all the great information you share, Esmee!


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