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It’s Paleo Keto Time Again, and Neurofeedback Update

I’m on a mission to retrain both my mind and my body in 2015.

I’ll biohack my brain through Neurofeedback, and rehabilitate from years of chronic pain and anxiety. And I’ll get my diet back on track because I believe a less stimulated and inflamed brain will put me at a greater advantage.

After researching different forms of Neurotherapy, and contacting several local specialists with questions, I settled on technology created by Dr. Valdeane Brown. Finances limited my choices to be honest, and that’s actually a good thing; I was starting to experience analysis paralysis. I’m happy to report I’m starting my journey with NeurOptimal this week! If you’d like to search for a trainer in your area, click here.

To help with keto-adaptation, I’ll add more bone broth and organ meats to my life, as well as remove alcohol (started in December), desserts (even the paleo-ized variety because they just set me up to crave more crap), and stimulants like coffee and dark chocolate, and replace butter with ghee. I also know I need to reduce protein intake a little, especially since I’m no longer weightlifting.

6 thoughts on “It’s Paleo Keto Time Again, and Neurofeedback Update

  1. I am finding that my tolerance for carbs is extremely low. I love sour cream, but even an ounce of the stuff will make crave more of it and more total food in general. Even leafy greens will make me hungry. I also think that both plants and dairy products trigger immune response in people with dysfunctional mitochondria. I encourage you to get a copy of Dr. H.L. Newbold’s book “The Type A / Type B Weight Loss Diet.” It is about way more than weight issues. He is one of the best minds I have ever read when it comes to sensitives to what he calls “New Foods,” i.e. grains, dairy, plant foods in general. I think you will find it worthwhile. He put all his patients on “Meat-Only” diet with a few supplements.


    1. I believe I’ve been dealing with the same issue. Although I had suggested trying an all meat-diet with my Paleo doc months ago, explaining that since I eat grass-finished, pastured meats, I should be getting all the nutrients I need through their diet, but he disagreed.

      I’m definitely going to try an all meat diet now. Thank you for sharing your experience, as well as all the great information you post on twitter. I’ll get my hands on a copy of the book you recommended soon!


    2. Just ordered the book, and looking forward to reading it. Regarding my diet, that darn rash started five days after lowering carbs so I’m going to put off keto for a little while to focus on Neurofeedback.


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