Using Neurofeedback to Biohack and Retrain the Migraine Brain: Act III


I met with a new doctor today, very well credentialed in Neurofeedback (NFB) and Quantitative EEG  (QEEG), and thankfully much closer to home. I’m so focused on pursuing this therapy in the coming months. (Costs range from $275 for the initial exam, $575 for QEEG brain mapping, and $150 per NFB, two to three sessions per week.)

While I waited to meet with the Neurotherapist today, I re-read a section of “The Migraine Revolution” I especially love because it reminds me of the “migraines advocates” I’ve come across online, some of which have bullied me for thinking outside their box:

Migraine info on the internet (websites, blogs, forums) is dominated by a handful of professional chronic migraine patients, who unfortunately show all the problematic psycho-behaviors that have made me sound like a broken record since chapter 5: emotional coping style, dismissive-avoidant attitudes, cognitive distortions, unbudging helplessness and strong medical beliefs.

In the true spirit of commitment and consistency, they can’t help it but guide migraine patients down the same track, which has led them into irrevocable chronification, based on false info, bad thinking habits and unhelpful beliefs.

These omnipresent opinion leaders — beacons of hopelessness — advocate relying on migraine drugs and pain killers, complemented by Crystal Healing. If you don’t want to end the tyranny, they can truly teach you how to LIVE WITH THE MIGRAINE DISEASE AND HEADACHES.

How do they keep the hopelessness wheel turning? By recruiting other migraine advocates, teaching them how to respond to new forum members that are in pain and desperate for validation. If you blog about your pain, you can be rewarded with a special badge or widget for your website to both congratulate you for keeping the pain train moving, as well as clickbait for their forum.

Some sites invite you to write guest posts, so they can run advertisements and profit off of your words. And make sure you double your efforts of getting the word out during “migraine awareness month.” Why not purchase a rubber bracelet to show your support, or add a purple ribbon to your social media avatar.

You may also be asked to sign and spread petitions asking congress for more “migraine research,” which of course means more drugs versus finding the cause for your pain. And speaking of BigPharma they must love the free advertising going on in chronic pain discussion forums, if they’re not already funded or sponsored by them through a third party.

Getting back to Neurofeedback, if you’ve seen improvements in your pain thanks to NFB, don’t you dare post about it, or the migraine bullies advocates are gonna shut you down as fast as they can.

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