Using Neurofeedback to Biohack and Retrain the Migraine Brain: Act II


I assumed that seeing a Neurologist who specializes in Neurofeedback would mean not having to pay out of pocket for therapy. But after being quoted $60 per session, which I felt was fair, I happily booked some appointments.

When I arrived at my first Neurofeedback session, I found the cost would actually be $80. But hey, doctors aren’t always up on billing, so I didn’t let it upset me. I was bummed to discover that the 19-channel cap my Neurologist and I discussed wasn’t in the protocol after all. Instead her nurse used a 2-channel temporal electrode. (I prefer to get a full brain mapping so there’s no guessing what areas of the brain need retraining. No wonder I was prescribed 20 sessions – it just might take that long!)

The nurse who ran today’s session informed me that I would have to pay $350 if I wanted the 19-channel Quantitative EEG. I’m thinking about it.

I’ll also add that during my first Neurofeedback session Nurse A suggested it would be fine to come to a session during a migraine attack because the therapy would ease the pain. So I skipped this morning’s much-needed migraine abortive, drove the hour and 15 minutes to my second session, got hooked up and did my best not to cringe each time the screen “rewarded” me with a brighter display.

Nurse B asked how I felt afterward, and when I said no change in migraine she said I can’t expect to feel better after a session. I had to laugh to myself. It seems my doctor and her nurses need to get on the same page.

Lesson learned. I cancelled Monday’s appointment, so I can focus on finding a QEEG specialist closer to home, one who hopefully knows about “The Migraine Revolution.”

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