Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 18

1.5yrPaleoMeasurements 9/11/14 (and four months ago)
Waist:  28.5 in. (no change)
Abs:  33.75 in. (32.5)
Hips:  38.75 in. (37.5)
L Thigh:  23.25 in. (21.75)
R Thigh: 23 in. (21.25)
Weight:  144-lbs (138)

Comparing today’s measurements with those taken four months ago, you can see how increasing carbohydrate consumption – in the form of dairy, sugar and alcohol – is slowly adding to my weight and circumference. But that was expected and I don’t mind the numbers! What I do mind is that because I reintroduced these non-Paleo foods, the old familiar knee pain, and the neck pain that radiates down toward my left shoulder and arm, have both returned, making exercise impossible. And what could have caused these old issues to return? Inflammation thanks to food choices.

Unfortunately, when my carb intake is too low, going into ketosis causes a rash to develop (officially diagnosed with Prurigo Pigmentosa after my Dermatologist sent biopsy for a second opinion). To protect my leaky gut I opted to increase carbs, instead of taking antibiotics, because the rash always fades after doing so. My gut was in such a better place after a year of Paleo, what could it hurt to add more carbs, right? Evidently it hurts a lot, especially when those carbs are in the form of alcohol, ice cream, and nightshades – even my mood and patience are taking a hit.

The remedy I relied upon in the past to alleviate the neck, shoulder and arm pain was to visit the pain specialist, where he would naturally prescribe and later perform a series of cervical nerve blocks. But I would rather not band-aid a health consequence that I created for not putting the right fuel into my body.

My goal is to hit my second year of Paleo as strong as my One Year Anniversary, and not fudge it up! Where are you in your journey? Just starting out, going strong, or dealing with peaks and valleys like me?

6 thoughts on “Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 18

    1. Hello Jessie, I appreciate your question because it reminded me of a couple things I left out of my post.

      I would say the first couple months or so I was smart about the carbs I increased. I felt my gut was in good place, my rash was gone and hadn’t returned, I guess I felt a little invincible.

      Then I have a gluten sensitivity test and find out I strongly reacted to almost every type of meat I consume (as well as grains, dairy, nuts and nightshades, but that didn’t surprise me), I became very upset and defeated.

      I worked so hard and removed so many foods already from my life, the test results caused me to think, “screw it!” Emotional eating never helps a situation, but I let the bad news get to me.

      I found out later the lab I used isn’t as accurate as others, so when I can afford to I may retest and compare results.

      Thank you for your question,


      1. I totally understand where you’re coming from.

        After years of dealing with hormonal imbalance and digestive issues related to stage 4 endometriosis, I managed to bring my body back to high functioning only to acquire what I’ve narrowed down to histamine intolerance or a chronic low-grade infection.

        All the advise for histamine intolerance suggests you simply stay away from things containing histamines. That happens to be almost everything I eat including red meat and fermented foods! FERMENTED FOODS! The miracle that restored my digestive function and improved my immunes system. No way am I cutting them out of my diet.

        I understand cutting out gluten and grains and processed foods because of the low nutritional value, but I have to draw the line at this. So, I’ve decided to focus my efforts on the mechanism that causes the histamine intolerance, if in fact that is my issue, which would be increasing the production of the enzymes that naturally metabolize histamines.

        Perhaps you could attack this thing from another angle while continuing to providing your body with the nourishment to correct itself. It’s the most frustrating thing to hear, but it may just take time.

        In the past, when I have let my diet suffer and felt worse for doing so, it made it easier to stay on track because you now have that very specific correlation in your head.

        Keep up the good work with your blog and everything, Paleo has been way to slow to catch on here in Florida!



      2. Thank you Jessie! I’ll definitely keep tweaking to see what I can come up with – pain is a huge motivator after all.

        I’m already feeling better gut wise, and I’m wondering if I’m just too deeply in denial about spinal issues to face the fact that this return of neck pain I’m experiencing has little to do with diet after all. I’ll give it a couple more weeks.

        Thank you so much for commenting, and sharing your experience. And yes, it may be some time before more Floridians jump on board with Paleo.



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