On a Mission to Expand My Tribe

I went to a health foods store today and asked the clerk to point me toward their Community Board – typically a cork board, filled with push-pinned business cards, music and yoga lessons, maid services, and items for sale.

As I made my way down the aisle of bulk bins it didn’t take me long to spot the cluttered back wall. My eyes darted quickly from card to pamphlet to handwritten note. I wondered how many of these businesses or offers still existed. Then I wondered who was I to add my “business” card to the mix, especially since I’m not actually selling anything – I’m more looking to network with locals interested in Paleo / Primal living, and to help if they have questions.

There’s something so motivating and inspiring about surrounding yourself with people on the same mission as you. And for many, seeking quality health is a serious mission – one far more important than financial freedom. After all, what good is money in the bank if you can’t leave your bedroom? And no matter how you feel about America’s health care system, if you’re like me, you’d rather not need it. And once you accept the strong possibility that many of our chronic illnesses and autoimmune issues are directly due to the Standard American Diet (we may be genetically predisposed to a particular disease, but how we eat can determine whether we turn those genes on or off),

I get a kick out of bringing like-minded people together. During our last Paleo Potluck, Bradenton Paleo members and I got to meet Nico and Paige, hosts of “Living a Primal Lifestyle,” a live webcast that is recorded in Clearwater, FL, and airs every Friday at 12:00pm EST. Finding proactive individuals like those in Bradenton Paleo gives me such a charge – I just feel like I’m in the right place during those moments.

I first read about expanding my tribe in Mark Sisson’s book, “Primal Connection.” After months of not finding local enthusiasts online, I decided to create my own Meetup group. What started out as a few people turned into a dozen, but participation was lacking. I took it personal initially and then realized just isn’t visited as often as facebook.

Maybe one day I may find my niche in the Paleo business world, as awkward as that sounds to me at this point in time, but for now I’m building emotional wealth through positive connections. And eating some amazing meals in the process!

What say you?

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