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Pain Relief Costs Money, Failed Relief Costs Pride

After finding no relief through Vision Therapy, I decided to turn to Irlen filters to eliminate chronic headaches, eye strain while reading, and other migraine symptoms like photophobia. But after spending $800 on testing, new frames and prescription lenses, I continue to have pain and because of it, lack the desire to read and write.

I spent $539 to test food sensitivities, and basically I reacted to every food this particular panel included, such as beef, chicken, tuna, pork, eggs, nuts, nightshades, grains, legumes and dairy. I’m laugh-crying on the inside.

I received a bill for $350 for Physical Therapy because my Ocular Therapy appointments, mentioned earlier, took up my allotted annual visits. Wish they had warned me before PT was scheduled. I would have declined.

Let’s see, what else have I been foolish desperate enough to believe would ease my pain in the last few months? Oh yes, the latest is Upper Cervical Chiropractics. The initial $200 visit was not covered by insurance, but at least I got three new X-Rays, which showed zero curvature in my neck (a couple bone spurs, but thankfully no degeneration). The adjustments are far gentler than the typical manual adjustments I used to get. If I can get curvature back, could that mean no more headaches?

Following my chiropractor’s orders, I took a break from exercising. At my last visit I got the go-ahead to start a scaled-back exercise regimen. So this week I’ll be training again. That should definitely lift my spirits! [Update: my migraines were worsening along with the addition of terrible neck pain, which radiated down my left arm. Since stopping upper cervical chiropractics my pain has disappeared.]

My 1.5 Year Paleo Anniversary is around the corner, so I will update soon.

What say you?

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