Accessing My Hidden Core to End Back Pain

I enjoyed reading “The End of Back Pain: Access Your Hidden Core to Heal Your Body” by Patrick A. Roth, M.D., and I’ve been following Dr. Roth’s “Hidden Core Workout” for over six weeks. The reason I became interested in strengthening my inner brace is because of recurring lower back injuries through weight lifting.

After seeing a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) specialist at Studio South Fitness in Sarasota, FL, I’m learning what my weaknesses are and how to strengthen them. I’m now utilizing the personalized exercise program I received through FMS screening, along with the “Hidden Core Workout” mentioned above.

This first photograph was taken February 4th, 2014, before taking on “Starting Strength,” with its three-times-per-week, weighted barbell squats, presses, power cleans and deadlifts. Before this time, I was strictly performing body weight exercises from “Body By You” and “You Are Your Own Gym” with zero back issues. I would soon realize poor form and/or weakness in different areas of my body would cause serious injury once weight was added to the mix.

Day 1 StrongLifts 5X5

This second shot is from March 21st, which shows just how much lifting can lean us girls out. But I kept being side-lined by lower back injuries from weighted squats. I decided I needed to start from scratch and get serious about strengthening the whole inner core, not just the superficial six pack I was originally fantasizing about.


This final photo is from June 10th, 2014, six weeks after starting the “Hidden Core Workout,” and as you can see things are moving along nicely. I will continue with this program because it’s honestly fantastic (I highly recommend it, along with Mark Lauren’s BBY and YAYOG). And best of all, no injuries! I look forward to seeing and feeling more progress in the coming months.


Does this program promise to completely eliminate back pain? Of course not. But with a stronger core and proper form I am less prone to injury. And if an injury does occur, I’ll be better suited to take it on, and will hopefully heal a lot quicker.

3 thoughts on “Accessing My Hidden Core to End Back Pain

  1. It looks like you have put a lot of research and sweat into your exercise decisions. Core exercise done properly can be of enormous benefit, it’s nice to see a success story! I look forward to more updates.


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