Paleo Update: Month 14 and Mystery Rash Solved?

Mystery Rash, chest

If you compare this photograph with those of my initial Mystery Rash post, you can see how the red bumps have gone away, leaving hyperpigmentation behind. At least the worst part of the rash is over: the awful itching. Now it’s a waiting game for the dead skin cells to slough away.

Although I was officially diagnosed with Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis (CARP), I believe my issue is related to Prurigo Pigmentosa, which I first read about on The BJJ Caveman‘s blog.

When the lab confirmed my Dermatologist’s initial guess of CARP, we discussed my taking oral antibiotics. But because I expressed concern regarding gut flora, he recommended a topical form instead. But I’m still deciding whether to start treatment or not. Since adding more carbohydrates to my diet, the rash has dissipated and stayed away. I will add that I’m also not doing heavy training since I re-injured my back, so intense workouts and/or sweating, could also be an aggravating factor.

I don’t know if the Ketogenic (very low carb, high fat) diet that I’ve been following the past few months is the cause of the rash – there’s obviously some underlying issue that literally comes to the surface when I greatly reduce carb intake. I wonder if it will be possible for me to eat the perfect fat/protein/carb ratio in order to stay in ketosis without the rash returning. I could only imagine that happening if I measure everything little thing, and I have zero interest in doing that.

Caloric Restriction could be another factor, since at times I was mostly eating twice a day versus three times. I was very satiated with a higher fat intake, which is why I didn’t find myself snacking late in the day. I just wasn’t hungry. But as I progressed with weight lifting I definitely found myself needing more M-E-A-T. But still the rash would show up. I may decide to give ketosis another go in the future, but for now I’m enjoying more carbs.

Here’s what 14 months of Paleo Primal Living has done for me.

belly and back fat,  month 26

Weight:  138 lbs (6-lbs heavier than when I was in deep ketosis, I’m ok with this)
Waist:  28.5 in.
Abs:  32.5 in.
Hips:  37.5 in.
Left thigh:  21.75 in.
Right thigh:  21.25 in.

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