Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 11 (Ketosis: Month 4)

belly and back fat, month 11

Can’t believe next month marks one full year of living Paleo! I’m thinking a primal tattoo of some sort should commemorate this achievement. Perhaps a crow or tiger! Here are my Month 11 measurements:

Waist:  28″
Gut:  32.5″
Hips:  37.25″
Left thigh:  22.25″
Right thigh:  21.75″
Weight:  134 lbs

I think I’m over the how-can-I-up-my-fat-intake woes. To help, I logged meals online to make sure I was keeping carbs low and getting a high enough percentage of healthy fats.

I’m less and less concerned with reaching 4.0mM blood ketones, especially since I may have to up carbs a bit to get rid of this mystery rash. Also because I’m realizing I have a few other migraine triggers (like barometric pressure change) that I doubt a Ketogenic Diet can prevent.

The mystery rash is still going strong, three weeks after eliminating high histamine foods and those with latex proteins. On a positive note, I only had a couple hormonal migraines (the first one was pretty wimpy so I only needed a migraine abortive for the second one) versus the typical three to four I have per month.

My Paleo MD recommended a couple dermatologists for the rash, as well as one immunologist. I have a feeling the dermatologists will prescribe a strong topical cream or antibiotics instead of wanting to find the cause, so I’ll be seeing an allergist first (she may suggest weekly allergy shots, medicated cream or antibiotics as well. If so, I won’t be returning). Hopefully she’s savvy on food sensitivity, and I’ll find out what specific things I can add back to my diet and what I should remove (that I haven’t already tried…sheesh!).

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