Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 10 (Ketosis: Month 3)

belly and backfat, month 10

Measurements (March 2013 in parentheses):

Waist:  28″  (33.5″)
Gut:  31″  (37″)
Hips:  38″  (42.5″)
Left Thigh:  22.75″  (26.25″)
Right Thigh:  22.25″  (25.75″)
Weight:  140 lbs  (173 lbs)

During my last follow up with my Paleo MD, I was reminded to test blood ketones at different times of the day (three hours after meal), not just first thing in the morning, where typically I’ll see low levels. I’ve been hovering around 1.6-millimolar (mM) and I would like to see that I’m reaching closer to 4mM at some part of the day.

Since starting a new 2014 calender/journal I’m more focused on tracking my meals, ketone levels, pain levels, etc. When I told my doc what I typically eat he said it didn’t sound like I was eating too much protein like I thought, especially since I workout five days a week.

So far I’m keeping my hormonal migraine at bay by upping fat intake, taking one tablespoon of coconut or MCT oil at the onset, for example. It’s an idea the hubby thought up. It might make sense to check blood ketones when a bad migraine hits also, just to see if my levels are consistently low when pain levels are highest, or if it makes no difference. If it’s the former I really may be on to something!

So, who wants to help me write my book when I cure myself?! It’s thrilling to yet again be on the verge of a possible answer to my chronic pain!


I wrote all of the above last night, so you will understand my disappointment when I woke up this morning with an icepick sensation in my right eye. Yup, the dreaded hormonal migraine. I wonder if the overnight fast is why it had plenty of time to gain strength. I joked in a tweet that I could have used an IV drip of MCT oil (eww, but just imagine the needle gauge size).

I have to stay in deep ketosis for quite some time before I notice true migraine relief, so as long as I stay vigilant, there’s still hope.

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