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Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 9 (Ketosis: Month 2)

I so badly want to report that I didn’t cheat on my Ketogenic diet Thanksgiving Day, but I was weak. I had two shots of tequila I paid for with a nasty headache. I had a slice of Paleo-friendly, but not Keto-friendly, homemade apple pie two days in a row. And I didn’t eat enough healthy fats.

I didn’t do enough damage to take me out of ketosis though. I can say that with confidence because I didn’t have any carb flu symptoms, and my migraines and chronic headaches haven’t increased. I dropped from > 1.9mM blood ketones to 0.8mM. If you recall, my goal is to reach at least 4.0mM to eliminate migraines and chronic headaches.

Here’s an interesting study from a 1930 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), entitled Migraine: Results of Treatment By Ketogenic Diet In Fifty Case,

No photos or measurements because no changes. Plus it’s the Holidays and I’m a bit off my blogging game.

It is one of the toughest concepts for me – to eat more fat and less protein. Your eyes and tummy need time to harmonize, so be patient Jasmine!

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday, and all the best in 2014!

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