No more Sleep Apnea. Thank you Paleo!

I was officially diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in 2009. After staying overnight at the Alvarado Sleep Disorders Center, getting hooked up with wires on the top half of my body, I was shocked to later find out I had an Apnea/Hypopnea score of 43. It was scary enough to realize I could stop breathing 43 times in one night, but I was soon corrected: I stopped breathing 43 times per hour! The normal range is below five. My apnea was severe and for years I had no idea I was even suffering from it.

After receiving a new CPAP and being fitted with a mask, I became very sad. I made jokes about not appearing sexy to my husband in bed, but deep down I felt like shit about the whole thing. Did I seriously need a machine to kick in and help me breathe? No one could say for certain when my Sleep Apnea began or why, but I had a feeling it was due to weight gain.

I was due for a followup, and needed to find a local sleep specialist. I went to my first appointment yesterday, hoping to discuss a more comfortable CPAP mask, since the one I have makes the sides of my face feel as if i got socked up. After reviewing the data from my CPAP memory card, the doctor suggested I try a home sleep test. I dropped the device off this morning and received a call soon after. I only stopped breathing a couple times all night!

For the next two weeks I won’t use the CPAP, and I’ll keep a log of any increase or decrease in chronic headaches and migraines. (The headaches and facial pain may improve some since I won’t be wearing a mask.) He also said it’s possible there’s a dental component at play, so we may look into that at a later time if necessary.

Thank you Paleo for rewarding my hard work with so much health!

5 thoughts on “No more Sleep Apnea. Thank you Paleo!

  1. I’m continually amazed by the number of health benefits you’re getting from the Paleo diet. Can you recommend a good cookbook? I’m overwhelmed by the number of blogs to read and would like to find a source for creating a paleo menu with recipes. (It’s ok if it’s a blog…LOL).


      1. Thanks, Speedy! I just pinned it and added it to my Amazon Wish List. My Kindle just died but I may just get this as a hardcover. My boys will love the Paleo diet so it should be easy to switch the whole house over. Maybe I’ll get some migraine relief too.


  2. I’m not only Speedy, I’m buzzing around the house with energy. I have more spoons than I know what to do with! Sure hope it helps with your migraines! I’m attempting an even lower carb, higher fat [Ketogenic] diet to see if I knock these migraines and chronic headaches out once and for all.


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