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Jasmine’s Paleo Diet: Month 8 (Ketosis: Month 1)

The following measurements are the result of an eight month Paleo Lifestyle overhaul (original measurements from March 11, 2013 are in parentheses):

Waist:  28 in.  (33.5 in.)
Gut: 32.5 in.  (37 in.)
Hips:  38.5 in.  (42.5 in.)
Left Thigh:  23 in.  (26.25 in.)     Right Thigh:  22.5 in.  (25.75 in.)
Weight:  141 lbs.  (173 lbs.)

belly and backfat, month 8

Not much visual difference since month seven, but I’m not concerned. My head doesn’t particularly like cardio, but now that it’s been getting cooler I’m doing mini sprint sessions to and from a local park. I’m hoping a little interval training, as well as following a Ketogenic diet, will slim the tummy down a bit more.

I’m all jazzed about my new compression pants, especially since it’s getting too nippy for shorts (less shaving necessary!). Plus I’ll need something warm for my next trip to Michigan. Speaking of which, I contacted a Crossfit gym in Bloomfield Hills and one of the owners replied to my email, offering up lots of safe, Paleo-friendly restaurants around town. Thank you, Hillary at Crossfit Bloomfield!

I was a bit careless during my first month of Keto. Even though I know I’m sensitive to caffeine, I was dying to try this bulletproof coffee I keep hearing about (just add butter, coconut oil and heavy cream). After tasting it I fell in love with this high fat concoction. Unfortunately, a few days in I began craving caffeine, and started dealing with that dull ache and not so dull cravings. I was even too excited to sleep, thinking about the next morning’s first cup. I also reintroduced dairy in my life because cheese and heavy cream are such easy ways to add good fats on a ketogenic diet. When an incredibly intense hormonal migraine hit and lingered, and I saw more and more acne around my chin, I knew adding dairy back was major no-no number two. So during this second month, I won’t be making any mistakes because I really want to give ketosis a fair shot at minimizing/eliminating my hormonal migraines and daily headaches.

I’ll keep you posted.

What say you?

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