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Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 7

I found a wonderful medical doctor through the Paleo Physicians Network. Because he follows a Ketogenic diet to manage his own health issues, and because he’s heard positive things about ketosis and neurological diseases, he was supportive when I mentioned giving Keto a try. We’re both hoping it lessens or possibly eliminates my chronic headaches and hormonal migraines. I know I mentioned Keto here and here, but honestly I had no idea what I was doing and gave up quickly. I left my doc’s office with a write-up on how to get started, and I hope to share positive results in the coming months.

Of course, because I’ve cut down so much on carbs I’m dealing with detox symptoms, including the dreaded rash. I hate to think that the cleaner I eat, the more I’ll experience a rash. Why was I able to tolerate junk food for so long and not have an issue? Was it trapped in fat cells, and now that the fat is melting away, the toxins are being released?

The Bradenton Paleo Meetup group I started will be having its first meetup this weekend at the Bradenton Farmers’ Market. I’m so excited and a tad bit nervous since I don’t have much experience running a group. Something tells me my new tribe will be patient and understanding. Anyone who can successfully live through a major lifestyle change like Paleo has to have patience, right?

I’m exercising three days a week, and doing more walking and playing on my off days. I’m enjoying cooking more than ever before. I’m a homemaker, caretaker and mommy to a rescue pit that needs daily exercise or else she’s prone to anxiety. Hmm, that sounds familiar. (By the way, when the rash is gone, I’ll be posting pics of my “Body By You” progress.)

I’ve been seeing a psychologist to deal with the anxiety and depression that can come with chronic pain, as well as for personal issues, and it’s been very cleansing. It’s funny what we can learn to suppress in the name of normalcy. Thanks to discovering Paleo, I don’t ever want to be “normal” again!

I hope you’re all well, whatever journey you’re on.

What say you?

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