Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Month 6

Paleo Month Six
Paleo Month Six

I DID IT!  I accomplished six months on Paleo. What a journey, and what an outcome!

Here’s an update on major symptoms:

  • Hormonal Migraines
    Less severe and don’t last as long, from a few hours to less than a day
    No migraines from food triggers unless I cheat on Paleo!
  • Chronic Headaches
    Still occur daily, so I may still have to tweak something. My new doc is testing my blood, saliva and stool to pinpoint the issue(s).
  • Visceral fat, big belly, bloating after meals
    Inflammation reduced, belly much flatter. No bloating after meals and satiated for hours!
  • Joint pain in knuckles, elbows, lower back, hips, knees
    Nearly pain-free in these areas. My left knee only when I jog/run on a flat surface.
  • Adult Acne
    Night and day since going Paleo and removing Nightshades

Month Six Measurements (initial measurements from March 11, 2013):

  • Waist:  29″  (33.5″)
  • Abs:  33″  (37″)
  • Hips:  39″  (42.5″)
  • Left thigh:  23″  (26.25″)     Right thigh:  22.5″  (25.75′)
  • Weight:  145.5 lbs  (173 lbs)

I’ll continue to post monthly updates, especially since strength training is drawing muscles out from hiding. Plus I’ll keep you posted on what my new doc finds or suggests could be the culprit. Here’s to another six months of awesome!


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