Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 144

belly and backfat, day 144

It’s Paleo Lifestyle update time kiddies. What an amazing ride it’s been. Besides continuing with 95% Paleo and finishing a 30-Day Challenge of push-ups, squats and planks, I’ve started a four-week strength program from Mark Lauren’s “Body By You.” I had never heard of “You Are Your Own Gym” (YAYOG) until reading Mark’s second book, but apparently it’s well known. I’ve always loved the idea of using my own body-weight to get fit, especially at the start.

I’ve gone back and forth in my mind whether or not I want to try Crossfit, and so far, after hearing Robb Wolf’s latest podcast I’m going to give up the unrealistic fantasy. At least until I can find an establishment with the approach and philosophy of his gym NorCal.

Looking back, here are the original measurements I took on March 11th, 2013:

  • Waist:  33.5″
  • Abdominal:  37″
  • Hips:  42.5″
  • Left Thigh:  26.25″    Right:  25.75″
  • Weight: 173-lbs

And here are today’s measurements (August 2, 2013):

  • Waist:  29″
  • Abdominal: 35″
  • Hips:  40″
  • Left Thigh:  23.5″      Right:  23″
  • Weight:  149.5-lbs

It’s just crazy to me to see me reach the 140’s. Okay, I barely squeaked in by half a pound, but still. I never imagined.

I feel incredible, and even more motivated to keep moving forward with Paleo and increased activity. I’m playing a lot more too. For example, my dog loves to run in the yard, especially when I pretend I’m chasing her. Lunging at her as she whizzes by is great exercise. I crawl around on he grass, feeling the earth in my hands and toes. I hop over lawn chairs. I squat when I pick up dog poop. The importance of proper form and posture now surpasses the anxiety of having to perform X amounts of exercise. It’s so liberating and fun.

My skin has been very happy with me since omitting night shades. Occasional blackheads and red bumps, but very superficial. No more cystic acne bulging from under my chin.

left cheek, day 144

right cheek, day 144

chin, day 144

Until next time, take care of yourselves.

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