Cheating on Paleo

We had a barbeque so of course my mind convinced me to pretend I’m just like everybody else. ‘Go ahead, and have some of that hot sausage’ that contains nightshades and was probably grain-fed. ‘Have a margarita, you’ve been good.’ But actually I haven’t. I recently discovered the uncured bacon from Whole Foods that I’ve been eating for months is made from grain-fed piggies. Not very Paleo, Jasmine!

In the middle of the night I noticed that I broke out in a fresh rash near my arm pits. It boils down to either the margarita mix, which was the healthiest mix I could find (again, justifying cheating) and/or the half of sausage I consumed that was probably made with wheat and for sure contained nightshades. I hope I learned my lesson…enough to remember this the next time my mind wants to fit in with the cool kids.

I joined a community called Fitocracy, a social network that allows you to track your workouts for points (leveling up is addicting for this wanna-be-gamer), and connect with others. I posed a question in the Paleo group pertaining to where a girl can find some grass-fed and, just as important, grass-finished meats. A couple of people swore by U.S. Wellness Meats, so I put an order on a Saturday evening, and received my shipment Tuesday afternoon – frozen, vacuum-sealed, and eager to please me. So far I’m not disappointed by anything I ordered, which included bacon, rabbit, chicken wings, ground bison and ribeye, lamb chops and kebobs, breakfast and chicken/apple sausages, etc.

I’m on Day 26 of a 30 Day [exercise] Challenge. I wish I could say I’ve been able to keep up with the ever-increasing planks and squats, but I can’t deny how proud I am of myself for sticking with it. My recent hormonal migraine has not been helping me achieve my goals, but that’s okay. This Challenge was a great way to jump-start my exercise goals. And hopefully the more I exercise the less head pain I’ll feel.

3 thoughts on “Cheating on Paleo

  1. I think you’re doing great! And to be honest, I’m not sure HOW you do it all! Paleo AND keeping up with the exercises! Planks are killer and you’re doing them for a minute and a half now, I do good to keep up with 10 seconds! I hope to someday work up to at least a minute. I read somewhere that it takes 8 or 12 weeks before you can see a change in your body. That’s my goal. Keep up with it all for at least 12 weeks.
    Reading your experience here, and on Fitocracy (also the amazing support you give!), has helped me immensely! I’m working on, the inside (mental stuffs) of my body, as well as the outside, and I have to say that knowing you, what a sweetheart you are, fun, and awesome personality has been nothing short of a blessing for me in my life. So thank you for being someone who people like myself can look up to. I envy your determination and mentality for sticking to all of this.



    1. You’re making me tear up, Sarah. Thank you for the kind words.

      Regarding planks, just remember to not compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20. There’s no way I started out doing planks at a minute and a half.

      Very cool to see you’ve started a blog. I hope you find writing out goals, dreams and issues is as healing and motivating for you as it has been for me.



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