Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 98

belly and backfat, day 98

Although challenging at times, I’ve been nothing but thrilled with living a Paleo Lifestyle. I’m now at the three month (out of six) mark, and I’ve experienced many positive results. And I have hope that I’ll lessen my daily headaches even further as I continue to tweak my diet to work just for me, as well as focus on reintroducing exercise.

An old friend is starting a 30-day challenge on her facebook page, and I’ll be joining her. It will more than likely consist of daily squats and/or planks. I purchased a nice jump rope to use indoors as well, since playing tennis causes awful exertion headaches.

I am finished with my second round of a Neem Detox, and finally get to introduce probiotics. I believe I completely flushed my system of any remaining parasites or eggs because all the die-off side effects have diminished. And that lovely inflamed rash is slowly fading back to healthy skin.

Measurements: Day 98

  • Waist:  30″  (starting 33.5″)
  • Abs:  33″  (starting 37″)
  • Hips: 40.5″  (starting 42.5″)
  • Thighs, Left:  24″  (starting 25.25″)     Right: 23.5″  (starting 25.75″)
  • Weight:  154 lbs (starting weight 173)

My skin continues to be cystic acne free thanks to eliminating nightshades.

upper lip, day 98

chin, day 98

left cheek, day 98

right cheek, day 98

6 thoughts on “Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 98

  1. Hi :(
    Do you find the paleo diet hard to follow? What do you eat as a main kind of ‘carb’ for your meals?
    Georgina Marie x


    1. Hello Georgina Marie,

      Going Paleo was very strange, especially at the start. My typical breakfast was something easy like cereal or a muffin. I had to ease into having to prepare more meals per day, ones that included more protein, lots more healthy fats and organic veges.

      Change overall is always challenging, but poor health is a huge motivator. I’m not sure what you eat, but for many people, when they hear everything they might have to give up on Paleo, they quickly lose interest. But no one starts out 100% Paleo. Those that have been doing it a long time are perfectly happy following 80/20 Paleo, where they’re eating right at least 80% of the time. Because of health issues, I don’t have that luxury. Eating the wrong thing can set me back.

      I get more than enough carbs from vegetables and occasional fruit.

      Give it 30 days and see what happens :)


      1. Well I am already a vegan and I don’t eat cakes, sweets chocolates or really anything processed but I have developed intolerance to wheat (I think) I get quite gassy and bloated after eating and my stomach feels very uncomfortable. So I am trying to cut our bread, pasta and spaghetti (I don’t eat rice). I also only drink water.
        What other things would I need to cut out?
        Georgina Marie x


      2. Wheat is not what it used to be, and it’s highly processed. You can read more about that at I’m glad to hear you’re going to eliminate it to see if that helps with bloat.

        Since I’m not vegan I can’t offer much help in that area. I just know the beauty of Paleo is that it’s not one-size-fits-all. I continue to tweak my diet in order to lessen my daily headaches, so in one month I removed nightshades (which helped a lot with acne), and more recently I’ve removed eggs from my diet. It’s trial and error for people like me who are sensitive to certain foods.

        Here are a couple links that may help:

        Please don’t think by that second link I’m telling you to give up vegan. I just thought you might see some similarities in another vegan’s story (since I’ve never been there to offer advice).


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