Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 56


This update will also have to be short and sweet because it’s the hubby’s birthday. Since adopting a Paleo lifestyle – like he had a choice – the Birthday Boy has lost 25 pounds in two month. And his present was new clothes, since his shorts were sliding off.

Paleo Diet: Day 56 Measurements

  • Waist:  31″
  • Abs:  36″
  • Hips:  41.5″
  • Thighs:  Left 25″   Right 24.5″
  • Weight:  160.5 lbs (starting weight 173)

I’m tired of seeing my mug in HD, so I’m excluding face pics for now. And it’s not just because of the huge zit claiming dominion over my left cheek. Other than that hormonal pimple, my face is looking clearer overall, my pores are not as volcanic since removing nightshades. On another note: I may remove pastured eggs in the coming weeks to rule out sensitivity, to see if they’re adding to my chronic headaches.

I may have had difficulty believing my photographed results before, but it’s becoming clear to me what “whole grains,” legumes, dairy and sugar were doing to my body. I don’t look as swollen as my first month of photos.

My two month Neem Detox is almost done, and my rash has been clearing up. I look forward to getting some exercise in before I repeat the detox in the coming weeks. I also hope my symptoms aren’t as bad during the second round.

2 thoughts on “Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 56

  1. Amazing results! I’ve been stuck at 160 for 2 years (from a migraine med high of 189). I just replaced my dairy products with coconut milk and cream. I’ve lost another 6 pounds but need to lose another 20-25. I’ve probably asked, but can you send me a link to paleo recipe site? Your results are incredibly inspiring. I’m also curious on the Paleo diet’s effect on migraine.


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