Paleo Diet Before and After Pics – 1st Month

When I decided to go Paleo, I promised myself I would give this lifestyle change at least six months. Because I’ve had chronic health issues for some time now, I knew symptoms wouldn’t simply reverse overnight. I have seen some interesting improvements during this first month, and I look forward to sharing more.

I may decide to stay Paleo for life. I know just wanting to be rid of daily headaches is a major motivator, but there are too many other positives I’m gaining through this process to see the end result as a failure if I’m not completely pain free.

I fiddled with Microsoft Paint to place my profile pics side by side. It’s obviously too soon to see a dramatic difference, but stay tuned. (Remember, at this stage I’m not exercising until I at least finish the first round of my Neem detox. I’m going to purchase a pair of barefoot sports shoes – since my feet will need time to acclimate in them, I can start slow on the incliner in the coming weeks.)


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