Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 28

I realized a few days after writing my Day 14 update that I was eating too much dark chocolate. What started off as a few pieces after lunch wound up being almost half a bar. (Chocolate contains caffeine, which I’m sensitive to, so it’s no wonder I’ve been having trouble falling asleep, relying on melatonin to knock me out.)  I justified eating a well-known migraine trigger by convincing myself that I deserved to indulge since I’ve had to cut out so many of my favorite foods.

I’m about 3.5 weeks into the Neem detox prescribed by my doctor, and the rash has returned. I’m also having terrible headaches with varying intensity throughout the day, some constipation, more acne, moodiness, etc. due to parasitic die-off. Living Food 101 is a website I recently found that discusses the Die-Off Symptoms of Parasites, as well as the health benefits of using Neem in removing them.

I’ve decided to remove all nightshades from my diet (like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and most peppers) because of a possible inflammatory response to solanine. Maybe I can reintroduce them at a later time, but for now I’m determined to reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Paleo Diet: Day 28 Measurements

  • Waist:  32.5″
  • Abdominal:  36.75″
  • Hips:  42.75″
  • Thighs:  Left 26″     Right 25.5″
  • Weight:  168-lbs

I think a five pound drop in weight since Day 1 is decent and healthy. I also lost a fraction of an inch, here and there. (Once I get my body moving, the added muscle will slim me down even more.)  But pain loss is the ultimate motivator, especially to someone who would prefer not to rely on prescribed medication.

I’m continuing to break out, more than likely due to detox.

upper lip, Day 28

chin, Day 28

left cheek, Day 28

right cheek, Day 28

When I figure out how, I’ll have to put my profile pics side by side for easier comparison.

belly and backfat, Day 28

After taking a few photos of my Day 28 belly profile, I appeared a lot thinner in one particular picture (not the one above, and I wasn’t sucking in). It turns out I don’t stand very tall. Whether it be a lack of confidence, a weak core, or laziness, I will focus on correcting that.

I edited Day 14’s update to include the fact that I have less hair loss. My hair has always been pretty thick, but I tended to lose a lot – especially after shampooing. I just thought it was normal, but now I see it was a sign of illness and/or a poor diet.

I also noticed (4/14/13) that my eyebrows are a little fuller. I’m not having to use as much makeup to fill in areas where hair is sparse.

2 thoughts on “Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 28

    1. Hahaha!

      I so badly want to say No, but for me it’s a big YES. The less I eat it, the less I crave it, and the less caffeine-related headaches and trouble sleeping I’ll experience.


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