Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 14

My journey is still going strong. I would say I’m about 95% Paleo now that I’ve ended my quick love affair with raw milk. I’m still cooking with organic ghee or pastured, raw butter.

My detox rash is fading. I’m scheduled to double the dose this week, so it may return. Now onto Day 14 measurements and photographs.

Paleo Diet: Day 14 Measurements

  • Waist:  33.5″
  • Abdominal:  37″
  • Hips:  42.75″
  • Thighs:  Left 26.25″  Right 25.75″
  • Weight:  171-lbs

Changes from starting measurements: I dropped two pounds, and my hips increased by 1/4 inch (a possible inaccuracy in tape measurement skills).

I haven’t started an exercise routine yet; I’m choosing to wait until I end the first phase of my Neem detox. I am doing deep squats and modified planks for a few minutes a day (I’m noticing less crunching in my left knee). Also, I purchased my first tennis racquet in years, so I can hit the ball against the wall and slowly build my swing back up. Tennis was my passion for many years – the best thing for my abs, and it never felt like a workout.

The acne surrounding my lips is fading, but pores are still huge.

lips and chin, Day 14

The acne under my chin and on both sides of my face seems better, less inflamed.

chin, Day 14

left cheek, Day 14

right cheek, Day 14

It’s probably too soon to notice any significant thinness in my belly and back fat, but here’s my profile at Day 14.

belly and backfat, Day 14

Some things I have noticed since removing grains, legumes, sugar, processed and artificial foods:

  • My energy levels are even throughout the day; there’s no high where I’m giggling for no reason and no crashes from sugar withdrawals or hormonal changes
  • There were some noticeable mood swings during the first week of the detox, but no PMS-related irritability or sadness. I don’t feel easily overwhelmed. I did experience the typical fidgety-ness before my cycle started.
  • I’m more satiated after meals, and feel less bloated or hungry soon after eating
  • I’m not craving sweets, but I do like a few pieces of organic dark chocolate after lunch
  • My hormonal migraine is very mild, so no abortive was necessary during this cycle. Also, I experienced no low back pain during this period – something that has always occurred in the past. This month’s cycle began two days earlier than the typical 26 and 27-day cycle, it lasted four days and there was no typical clotting
  • As you can see in the Day 14 photos, my acne is fading. Time will tell if the acne was due to PMS or due to the hormonal changes from the new diet
  • The joint pain and inflammation must be decreasing because the discomfort in my left elbow and knuckles is less noticeable
  • I’m losing a lot less hair, especially after shampooing
  • I’m urinating less, there’s no odor and the appearance is always light and clear – even in the morning, before I drink water
  • No GI issues. BMs are firm and regular (no parasites!)
  • I’m noticing more lubrication before/during intercourse
  • As I posted, the typical dark line that stained my upper front teeth has faded away
  • I’m still experiencing daily headaches, so I will take the diet a step further and eliminate nightshades

5 thoughts on “Jasmine’s Paleo Update: Day 14

  1. Inspiring and brave! I look forward to each new post and seeing the physical changes you’re experiencing. It gives me hope for migraine relief and improved energy levels. You’ve also inspired me to go get a new tennis racket so I can start playing again! xoxo from Vermont


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