An Unexpected Paleo Diet Benefit: Whiter Teeth

smile, faded dark line

This premature update is due to today’s pleasant surprise when I looked in the mirror. A particular symptom I neglected to add to my list, because it never occurred to me it was something that could change, is the stained line that forever crossed my top incisors. (I only wish I had taken a “before” picture to show that line. It was close in color to the diagonal brownish line where my top left incisor was molded to appear more square. I wonder if that will lighten in time as well.)

My teeth normally have a yellowish tinge to them, but they appeared whiter today, and that normal brownish, horizontal line that runs across my upper teeth (where they meet my lip) has faded away. I haven’t changed my oral hygiene routine, so what gives?

Is this due to consuming less acidic foods? Have any other Paleo Peeps experienced this?

3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Paleo Diet Benefit: Whiter Teeth

  1. I actually noticed this a few weeks ago! I thought maybe it was because of decreased sugar intake on the Paleo diet but I don’t have any evidence to back up that claim. Either way, any additional benefit I get is good to me!


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