Official Launch of Jasmine’s Paleo Diet

No grains, legumes, dairy or added sugar for the next six months. I’m only about 90% Paleo at the moment. I no longer consume milk, but I still need to cut out cheese and yogurt. (I may stick with kefir or another form of probiotics). I will chronicle my before, during and after with photographs, weights and measures, detox symptoms like headaches, rashes, mood swings, etc.

I am thinking I may also go through the Neem Detox my Ayurveda doc prescribed. It’s a four month process, and entails gradually increasing supplements followed by a castor oil-induced flush of any dead parasites in my gut – yum, right?!).

Here is a list of the many symptoms I hope to clear up in the coming months, if at all possible:

  • hormonal migraine (funny the word “grain” is found within the word migraine)
  • chronic headaches, maybe even chronic neck pain and spine degeneration
  • anxiety, fidgety
  • visceral fat, big belly, bloating after meals, double-chin
  • joint pain in knuckles, elbows, lower back, hips, knees
  • inflammation throughout my body
  • spine issues – pinched nerves in neck, scoliosis
  • bruise easily
  • adult acne
  • trouble falling asleep
  • I would add trouble waking up, but my bed-hog, pooch takes care of that

sleepy Harley

The refrigerator and cabinets have been purged; no foods containing grains or legumes. If you’d like help with checking food labels for hidden wheat, print out this Wheat Allergy Avoidance List.

So, what can you eat? Here’s the Primal Blueprint Shopping List for some ideas.

My goals in the coming months:

  • Order grass-fed, organic meats and eggs from a local ranch or Farmers Market instead of purchasing through Whole Foods
  • Using recipes I find online and through William Davis, M.D., author of the Wheat Belly books and blog, and Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple
  • After detoxing for a couple months, I will reintroduce moderate to heavy exercise routines into my schedule – no more than 30 minutes per session. In the meantime I’m considering a Pilates class to increase flexibility and strengthen my core.
  • Eliminate my Sleep Apnea, ending the need for a CPAP machine
  • Oh, and when my daily headaches and chronic pain are gone…the world is mine!

My weight as of 3/12/13 is 173lbs (I’ve maintained my former 30-lb weight loss for over two years, but I replaced muscle with fat since stopping P90X. I believe my highest weight was 202-lbs.)


Current measurements, which I’ll update twice a month:

  • Waist:  33.5″
  • Abdominal:  37″
  • Hips:  42.5″
  • Thighs:  Left 26.25″    Right 25.75″
  • Weight: 173-lbs

Before pics, starting with my face sans makeup (eep!):

Notice the lovely acne and large pores around my mouth.

lips & chin, before pics

Very hard, painful cystic acne under the chin.

chin, before pics

Ance on both cheeks of my face (thankfully not the other cheeks).

left cheek, before pics

right cheek, before pics

And finally, the dreaded profile pic of my big belly (no, I’m not pregnant) and obvious back fat.

belly & backfat profile, before pics

5 thoughts on “Official Launch of Jasmine’s Paleo Diet

  1. Don’t worry. So far, I don’t crave cookies or donuts…just you. Even in chronic pain your love and humor make me feel great every day.


  2. Okay, I must confess: I tried raw milk for the first time today and may have to rethink entirely leaving out dairy. Leaving out the homogenized white liquid found in the grocery store…oh most definitely yes. Leaving out raw milk, butter, cream, whey or kefir from a local, organic farm…me thinks not (but we’ll see what my body tells me in the coming weeks).


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