My 2012 Visit to the Vision Specialists of Michigan

Some months ago my neck pain, imbalance, vertigo and visual fuzziness began creeping back into my life; the severity of my daily headaches increased as well. The eye strain I suffer from while reading – online and in books and magazines – wasn’t diminishing like I had hoped since my prismatic progressive lenses allow only a very small sweet spot to view print clearly. (I have to turn my head left to right with each sentence if I wanted to stay within that window or words are blurry.) I compensate by incorrectly using the upper portion of my bifocals to read and write online – increasing the font when possible – taking multiple breaks to allow the strained muscles in my eyes to relax.

My annual visit with the Vision Specialists of Michigan (VSoM) was approaching, so I set up an appointment and booked my airline tickets and hotel. During my follow-up with Dr. Debby Feinberg, she slowly walked me through the exam (I get anxious that my eyes are playing tricks on me, and I’ll botch my results, because they had to overcompensate for so many decades). She understood my eye-strain-while-reading issue and informed me that I would see better results with a separate pair of single vision glasses (for long-term reading). I was thrilled, but not surprised, that Dr. Debby took the time to hear my concerns.

I can’t wait for my new glasses to arrive! If this prescription does the trick, next summer I may splurge on a sexy pair of prescription sunglasses (I promise they exist); they’ll be great for the beach, driving or biking. In the meantime I ordered a pair of custom-fitted, polarized clip-ons for my Silhouette glasses. (I attempted wearing the cocoon type sunglasses, which are worn atop your prescription glasses, but they’re too cumbersome and place a lot of pressure on the sides of my already sensitive noggin.)

Have you had a similar experience in your quest to lessen or eliminate chronic headaches, eye strain, neck pain, and/or dizziness? Were you diagnosed with Vertical Heterophoria? I would love to hear from you.

What say you?

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