Huachuma by Day, Vilca by Night

I dedicated a series of posts to my work with Shamans and Ayahuasca, but there were other influential plant medicines utilized during my stay in the jungle: Huachuma or San Pedro, and Vilca. There was also a light and entertaining Bobinzana ceremony that was filled with laughter and song. In the Peruvian Amazon an alcohol tincture of bobinzana stems […]

Self-Discoveries Post Ayahuasca and Psilocybin

I’ll be sharing a little bit about my work with Peruvian plant medicines Huachuma and Vilca in a future post, as well as solo experimentation with heroic doses of psilocybin mushrooms. In the meantime I thought I’d write a quick update that includes some self-discovery since my time in the jungle. Without going into details […]

Sorry Jiu-Jitsu: It’s not You, it’s Me

I had this fantasy before heading to the jungle that when I returned from working with plant medicines my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game would improve. For example, the calmness of mind I might obtain would increase the chances of me entering a flow state during rolls; I would no longer overthink to the point of slowing down […]

The [Recurring] American Dream

So there’s one type of recurring dream where I’m stressing over a class assignment or a missed deadline at work. These dreams are always followed by waking moments of sadness, guilt and shame, which then invite a barrage of negative thought patterns including regrets over the course my life has taken. This destructive mind chatter […]

Do You Have a Black Belt in Self-Sabotage?

I for one have mastered the art of getting in my own way. I wasn’t born with this gift. But I wonder if self-sabotaging traits can be re-gifted through DNA, learned by example in the home, or if it takes both nature and nurture. I’ve heard that we are the average of the people we […]

Here’s to Freedom

These words are my truth, my memories, but only part of my story. If they are too painful then you have the choice to ignore, deny or deflect them. Another choice is to pause, breathe, sit with the pain, and then forgive. But do not forgive me. Forgive your mother and father and their mothers […]