No more Sleep Apnea. Thank you Paleo!

I was officially diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in 2009. After staying overnight at the Alvarado Sleep Disorders Center, getting hooked up with wires on the top half of my body, I was shocked to later find out I had an Apnea/Hypopnea score of 43. It was scary enough to realize I could stop breathing 43 times in one night, but I was soon corrected: I stopped breathing 43 times per hour! The normal range is below five. My apnea was severe and for years I had no idea I was even suffering from it.

After receiving a new CPAP and being fitted with a mask, I became very sad. I made jokes about not appearing sexy to my husband in bed, but deep down I felt like shit about the whole thing. Did I seriously need a machine to kick in and help me breathe? No one could say for certain when my Sleep Apnea began or why, but I had a feeling it was due to weight gain.

I was due for a followup, and needed to find a local sleep specialist. I went to my first appointment yesterday, hoping to discuss a more comfortable CPAP mask, since the one I have makes the sides of my face feel as if i got socked up. After reviewing the data from my CPAP memory card, the doctor suggested I try a home sleep test. I dropped the device off this morning and received a call soon after. I only stopped breathing a couple times all night!

For the next two weeks I won’t use the CPAP, and I’ll keep a log of any increase or decrease in chronic headaches and migraines. (The headaches and facial pain may improve some since I won’t be wearing a mask.) He also said it’s possible there’s a dental component at play, so we may look into that at a later time if necessary.

Thank you Paleo for rewarding my hard work with so much health!

6 thoughts on “No more Sleep Apnea. Thank you Paleo!

  1. I’m continually amazed by the number of health benefits you’re getting from the Paleo diet. Can you recommend a good cookbook? I’m overwhelmed by the number of blogs to read and would like to find a source for creating a paleo menu with recipes. (It’s ok if it’s a blog…LOL).


  2. I’m not only Speedy, I’m buzzing around the house with energy. I have more spoons than I know what to do with! Sure hope it helps with your migraines! I’m attempting an even lower carb, higher fat [Ketogenic] diet to see if I knock these migraines and chronic headaches out once and for all.


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