Ladies – Go Large

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One of the ongoing battles any personal trainer has, is the perpetual myth that women who lift heavy will bulk up. The people that believe this myth believe that women should only lift light weights for multiple reps (often upward of 15-20) or engage in exercises such as yoga…

Mystery Rash

Mystery Rash and Latex Allergies

I’m about to embark on yet another experiment – this time removing fruits and vegetables known to cause urticaria in those with latex allergies. Foods that have a high frequency of cross-reactivity with latex proteins are avocados, bananas, and chestnuts. Those with moderate frequency are apple, carrot, celery, kiwi, melon, papaya, potato, and tomato.

belly and backfat, month 10

@GrainFreeMe Paleo Update: Month 10 (Keto Update: Month 3)

Measurements (March 2013 in parentheses): Waist:  28″  (33.5″) Gut:  31″  (37″) Hips:  38″  (42.5″) Left Thigh:  22.75″  (26.25″) Right Thigh:  22.25″  (25.75″) Weight:  140 lbs  (173 lbs) During my last follow up with my Paleo MD, I was reminded to test blood ketones at different times of the day (three hours after meal), not just…


@GrainFreeMe Paleo and Fitness Journey

In April 2010 I was over 200 lbs. I had stopped using the scale after reaching 202 lbs, so I couldn’t tell you my heaviest weight. This first photograph was taken at a friend’s wedding in Las Vegas. I was painfully insecure at that time; I hated how I looked, but more importantly I hated…

No more Sleep Apnea. Thank you Paleo!

I was officially diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in 2009. After staying overnight at the Alvarado Sleep Disorders Center, getting hooked up with wires on the top half of my body, I was shocked to later find out I had an Apnea/Hypopnea score of 43. It was scary enough to realize I could stop breathing…