Interview with Catalina of Paleo en Forma

It was a privilege getting to meet and spend time with Catalina of Paleo en Forma – an incredible website geared toward the Spanish speaking, Paleo community. Catalina and I first ‘met’ online while searching for roommates for the 2015 Paleo f(x) gathering in Austin, TX. We agreed to become roommies, but the friendship that has blossomed since…


My Thoughts on Primal Play and Natural Movement

Recently I was interviewed for Paleo en forma, a website dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle and geared toward the Spanish speaking audience. You can find creative, original recipes, and advice on choosing healthy fats for cooking, as well as what foods to avoid and why. For those unable to read Spanish, check out the English version…

Lake Cuyamaca


An apology for the words that you read for the  s p a c e  that I need   This norm to cocoon began in the womb   The answers I seek need silence to speak


How I Plan on Relaaaxing

NeurOptimal was a wonderful experience; thirty 40-minute sessions allowed my mind to relax and temporarily let go of irritations. Sometimes it wasn’t enough to break through my monkey mind, but I was always glad I went. And I loved the increase in lucid dreams. Now I’d like to relax both mind and body, more specifically the areas…


Some Primal Play at Dog Park

While the hubby’s away, I decided to take our pooch to Dog Park. Not only does Harley get some exercise in (I usually walk with her around the neighborhood, but noisy cars and barking dogs spook her), she also has the chance to socialize with other dogs – both are mandatory when living with an energetic, athletic breed…

If Functional Medicine Fails, I Have a Backup Plan

Since deciding to put complete trust in my Functional Medicine doctor, the weight of worry has been lifted. I am somewhat concerned about needing to mess with hormones at the gate, but I also realize that in my case it’s too late for preventative measures. At 41 years of age, we just may have entered the patch-up-what-you-can…